"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."
- Winston Churchill
The $1,000,000 Donation Project
"Sneak Peek"
The Best Ships Are Friend-Ships
What is the
$1,000,000 Donation Project?
Giving back & assisting efficient charities that change lives is the most important goal
that Vacations, MD has for 2019.

During this campaign, half of the proceeds
from the sales of this book will be going to the
Make-A-Wish Foundation as a donation in your name.

Thank You and don't forget to enter our giveaway on the next page!
Why Wishes Matter:
Strength Video
Research shows a wish can give kids the strength to fight against and even overcome a critical illness.
Hope Video
A wish renews hope, uplifts spirits and encourages the belief in the impossible. 
Transformation Video
A wish forever transforms the lives of children, their families and entire communities.
Community Video
A wish unites neighbors, friends and entire communities in life-changing experiences.
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